dreaming of another girl

don’t care if she’s a june, jane or even a janet

or even from an another planet

at long last an old fashioned female

without a mobile or even a gmail

she finds me incredibly funny

with no mention of my shortage of money

there’s no one I could possibly tell this

says I’m the image of a young looking elvis

to progress with my dreamlike girlie

hit the sack a few hours early

taking it slow

nowhere to go

perhaps it’s wrong

that I put it in song

dreaming of another girl

we haven’t kissed

she don’t exist

dreaming of another girl

my head is all over the place

is she from outer space

dreaming of another girl

don’t know what they’d call what we’re doing

but my nights are so much better with you in

we fly up to the roof of her flat in chelsea

nothing smutty she’s not that girl see

apparently a theatrical actress

hope I’m not kissing the mattress

may be an escalation tonight

so long as the zzzzs are alright

don’t need to meet with her mother

really she is like no other