kangaroo court

spit out your name

choke on your memory

nothing to see here

chalk at the crime scene

long disappeared

nails in the coffin

the final fuck you

tearing me down

irrefutably damning

twenty years prepped you

between rights and wrongs

uber’d headache

no pills can stifle

too old for nightmares

get the shits from you

see my ass you can kiss it

goodbye lad we’re through

hold tight on the swings

nobody behind you

crossing the road

wait for the bus

lonely by choice

too good for guidance

thems the breaks

if you don’t know by now

no purse at the end

bitter as that be

nothing but short change coming from you

will was made the will to live

in either sense

without you

sweet ma didn’t want you

father did out of the question

no point now in saying

truly did love you

tried and convicted

kangaroo court