nemesis paralysis ll

eyes burned through the back of my neck

the smell of poison 

forgotten stammer 

head pounding

like an angry jackhammer

bleeding nora here on the premises

my nemesis nemesis

one and only nemesis

it was me that was here first extrapolating

quenching my arid thirst

be not fooled by the demeanour after a drink she is surely the worst

pray a wormhole appears

lift me from the premises

believe I plead take heed

nemesis nemesis

she is my nemesis

lower the tone you demand

must I lower my voice

if I’m only projecting

it’s not me who’s the one

in need of ejecting

must I quit whilst my wit has the floor of the premises

when she’s my adversary my chagrin my nemesis

salt in the wound

by the devil’s hand

don’t ask for much

but hereby make this demand

remove the spurious

hanger on passer by

my beer is now tainted

we know clearly why

you’ll see to me

tell me just when is this

nemesis oh nemesis

my heart-stopping nemesis

turned and smiled

but really didn’t mean it

my lips were shut closed

but I don’t think she seen it

she’s eyeing up her chances

the lonely and drunk

the kind she romances

something is truly wrong with this picture

evict her evict her

nemesis oh nemesis

snake female and the apple in genesis