nest’s on fire

he said you don’t know who I am

and what I’m capable of

brilliant now I have fear

when once I had so much love

now I ain’t bitter I’m sick

so sick of hope

ain’t no return

to the thoughts of the pills

and the rope

all these pretty songs

have taken the place of you

each to be burned when I’m done

along with your images too

cold as steel just like your mother

careful boy you’re prison fodder

the ship has sailed

you burned your chances

despite all of my

(drug fund) advances

no return

no saving you now

fly on little bird

the nest is on fire

had a dream last night

oh believe me how I could go on

this chapter never once was

an I was blinded by the sun

like lazarus I emerged from a cave

received a message from the seers

an waking today I strangely smiled

must’ve been the first time in years

the message said clear

the best hasn’t happened quite yet

something else I learned

known you as long as regret