satan’s own

well now

was surrogate father to the devil’s son

yeah you heard right satan’s only son

his mother a drunk eloped with his maker

better dancer than I he was a mover and shaker

where I stepped in just after the birth

didn’t know impact of this move for what it was worth

said to the mother will give it my best

you’re not even half the man to the devil no jest

read it in a book may have even been the bible

no soul alive can take the devil for a rival

my role I said would be purely a neutral

you’re more fool than I was only being dutiful

well you can start with his diaper he’s done a devil of a turd

didn’t relish the task but I’d given my word

and so diaper after diaper changed my outlook

broke the bank with all the money that she took

she left with a clean set of heels not a cent to my name

was left holding the baby was this some dirty game

child he grew into mean spirited man

best I bale an run whilst I can

the moral here being don’t look like devil in the eye

or try to be a saint for I wasn’t that guy

but when my time comes hope to be saved

been good as hell hell even behaved

as god stands before me

his judgment I await

down you go

an shut the pearly gate