too many ghosts in the fog

past is your past

you know it’s not worth it

forget your regret

you know that you should curb it

don’t remake your mistakes

you do not have to take it

don’t remain with your pain

no reason to fake it

too many ghosts in the fog

howl of the black dog

leave it where it is

you’ve the right to exist

and move on

you don’t have to forgive

but you have reason to live

you can move a mountain within

here is where you begin

to move on

move along everyone

there’s a future coming on

you’re gonna pull through

give it time

don’t be so hard on yourself

the lesson is brutal

brighten your sky

and brace yourself

move your oeuvre

don’t drink

don’t snort

no more

you can change

the will is inside

no waiting around

be kind to yourself