never look back

tired of being lonely

my deepest mistake

declare she was poison

couldn’t see past my big toe

powdered her nose in the morning

before the little cries of mammy

new number

like the message you ain’t getting it

she stressed don’t call me scary

won’t call you ever

never guess heights

or giving out ratings

nevertheless five point zero at best

the very least I can do

would do it for you

freak of the week

not so unique

just a fact of life

for a textbook case

just another reason

never look back

don’t wanna know how you’re doing

ask me no questions

don’t care about your new friends

and their self serving circles

rode your luck

now it is changing

for better or worse

we get what we deserve

here in the present

can’t see the future

world it keeps turning

after tilting on its axis

bad taste to swallow

new life make

hard enough to survive

without two lives simultaneous